Robin Munson


Robin Munson’s music is a treasure trove of eclectic styles ranging from 90s dance/pop, country pop, to adult contemporary. Four of her albums are out, each with its own distinct vibe. However, what’s even more thrilling are the numerous unreleased records waiting to be unveiled. Her music generally pays homage to retro vibes, making it an irresistible auditory experience.

It’s Only Weather


One Just Like Him (In Every Woman’s Life)


Lying In Wait

When my sister, Sherry Brourman, was engaged to her now husband, she wrote a beautiful love poem called “Lying In Wait”, and she mentioned to my other sister, Michele Brourman (a brilliant and celebrated singer/songwriter) and to me that she might like to have that poem set to music and sung at her wedding. It was something the three of us had never tried before – collaborating on a song together! We immediately started to work transforming the poem into a song. – That’s Michele’s piano track on the record, by the way – I told you she’s brilliant! From there, Art brought me into the studio, and he created a production that perfectly captures the mood and the message of the song. Art played guitar and all of the other instruments you hear. That’s me on the vocals. So this was – in every way – a labor of love and a family project!

As for the meaning of the song, it speaks for itself. Sometimes love takes us by surprise, and it’s only in hindsight that we realize – it was there all along!


The Second Act

A few years ago, I began to realize that I might be nearing “late middle age”. Instead of lamenting the passage of time, I began to realize that with age come certain advantages, more freedom, less worry about what others think – and the time-honored perks of more leisure time and senior discounts. So this is my celebration of survival!


Romance Of The Road

In 2018, Art and I were sifting through our catalog of songs. We realized that we had a lot of “orphans” – songs that, for one reason or another, had never been released. Also, I had a few new songs that needed a home. Romance of the Road is the result. There is an overall Americana feel to this album. The title song is about the nomadic life of a musician. Although she has feelings for someone, the call of the road overrides those feelings, and she leaves her would-be lover to pursue her dreams. It seemed like a fitting title for a collection of songs that could have come from that character’s pen.


The View From Here

The View From Here was released shortly after the death of my parents, so it was a naturally reflective time. Two of the songs (“My Mother’s Eyes” – co-written with my brilliant songwriter sister, Michele Brourman – and “Forgotten Songs”) are tributes to my mother and father respectively. It was a time to take stock of my own life, and to discover a new perspective. In the song, “The View From Here” a woman looks back on a long-ago love and realizes that – in spite of a painful relationship and the ultimate choice to leave it – she has no regrets and no recriminations. She is released from the sorrow of the past.




It's Only Weather
One Just Like Him (In Every Woman's Life)
Lying In Wait